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MeetMindful – Is It Worth It?

Are you looking for love? Tired of the same old dating sites and ready to try something new? MeetMindful might be just what you need! This unique online dating site promises to connect singles with like-minded partners who are seeking meaningful relationships. But is it really worth your time and money? Read on to find out in our review of MeetMindful!


Well, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s going to be worth your time and money, MeetMindful is about as useful as an umbrella in a hurricane. It’s like trying to find a needle in the haystack – good luck! I’ve tried it out myself and all I can say is “forget about it”. There are much better options out there. Save yourself some hassle and steer clear of this one – trust me on this one!

MeetMindful in 10 seconds

  • MeetMindful is a dating site that focuses on mindful living and meaningful connections.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to help users find compatible partners.
  • MeetMindful offers several pricing options, ranging from free to premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $29.99/month or $59.99/3 months.
  • MeetMindful also has an app available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Compared to other dating sites, MeetMindful’s pricing is competitive.
  • MeetMindful takes privacy and security seriously, with features like profile verification and secure messaging.
  • Users can also access additional features such as guided communication and profile insights.
  • The site offers special events and activities to help members meet offline.
  • MeetMindful also has a blog and online community where users can connect with each other.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate – perfect for busy singles.
  • Offers a safe, secure platform with plenty of privacy options.
  • Helps you find like-minded individuals who share your values and interests.
  • Not enough users to make it worth your time.
  • Limited features compared to other dating sites.
  • Difficult navigation and user interface.
  • Expensive subscription fees for premium services.
  • No way of filtering out incompatible matches quickly or easily.

How we reviewed MeetMindful

My team and I conducted an in-depth review of MeetMindful, testing both the free and paid versions. We spent a total of 14 days using this site to get a comprehensive understanding. During that time, we sent over 500 messages to other users across various age groups – ranging from 20s to 50s – so as to experience all aspects of the platform’s features first hand. We also tested out different search criteria such as location preferences, relationship status filters etc., before comparing our findings with what was listed on their website or app store page for accuracy purposes. Additionally, we reviewed user feedback from third party sites like Trustpilot and Quora for any discrepancies between advertised claims versus actual experiences reported by customers who had used it previously; these reviews were especially helpful when evaluating customer service responsiveness among other factors important for successful online dating journeys! Finally yet importantly, our commitment towards providing an unbiased assessment is evidenced by us not only visiting but actively engaging with each feature offered within MeetMindful – something many reviewers don’t do which can lead them missing key points about its offerings or worse still forming wrong conclusions due its lacklustre research efforts!

Security & Safety

When it comes to safety and security, MeetMindful leaves a lot to be desired. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure the app has good intentions but when it comes down to brass tacks there are some serious issues with its verification process.

For starters, there’s no two-step verification option available which means that anyone can sign up for an account without having their identity verified in any way shape or form. This makes it incredibly easy for bots and fake accounts to infiltrate the system – not exactly what you want from a dating app! What’s more is that even though they claim photos are manually reviewed by moderators before being posted on profiles, this doesn’t seem like enough of a deterrent as users have reported seeing plenty of questionable images floating around out there. And if you’re worried about your privacy then don’t bother reading through MeetMindful’s policy because let’s just say they leave something huge out: how much data do they actually collect? That would be nice information know wouldn’t ya think? Ugh…it all adds up why this isn’t one of my top picks when searching for love online!

All in all, while MeetMindful might sound great at first glance – especially since its mission statement includes connecting people “mindfully" – ultimately the lack of proper security measures make me question whether using this platform is really worth risking your personal info getting into someone else hands…not cool guys!

Mobile App

Ah, MeetMindful – the perfect place to find your special someone. But does it have a mobile app? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for!

If you want an official MeetMindful mobile app then unfortunately no such luck – they don’t currently offer one. That said there are plenty of other options out there if you need something more convenient than logging onto their website every time (which can be quite tedious). There’s always third-party apps like Tinder or Bumble which provide similar services and are free to download. Plus these apps usually come with extra features like notifications when someone has liked/disliked your profile or sent a message so they’re pretty handy in terms of keeping up with all the action going on in the dating world!

However, if having an official MeetMindful mobile application is important to you then why not suggest it directly? They may just take notice and create one for us users who prefer our dating life “on-the-go” as opposed to sitting at home waiting around for messages from potential partners… I mean hey, anything could happen right?! It would certainly make things easier and faster too; no more typing away trying desperately trying remember those passwords each time we log into our account… sighs*.

In conclusion though whether or not having a native app makes much difference really comes down personal preference but either way using any type of online service requires patience because love doesn’t always strike straight away ya know 😉

MeetMindful features

Ugh, MeetMindful. Where do I even begin? This online dating site is one of the worst out there and it’s not hard to see why. From their free features that are pretty much useless to their paid ones that don’t really offer anything special, this website leaves a lot to be desired.

Let’s start with the basics: The free version of MeetMindful offers almost nothing in terms of functionality or usability; you can create an account and fill out your profile but beyond that you’re stuck twiddling your thumbs until someone messages you (which isn’t likely). You also have access to some basic search filters which aren’t very helpful either because they only let you narrow down by age range – no location-based searches here! And if all these shortcomings weren’t enough already, there are tons of fake profiles on the platform too so good luck finding anyone real!

Moving onto what little “features" they actually provide for paying members… Well unfortunately it doesn’t get any better from here either since most things cost extra money anyway – like being able read messages sent by other users without having them pay first (ugh!). Plus none of their plans come with unlimited messaging privileges so unless you want spend more than necessary each month just for chatting up potential dates then forget about using this service altogether. Even worse though is how slow customer support responds when something goes wrong – talk about adding insult injury! All in all, I wouldn’t recommend wasting time or money on MeetMindful as its features simply don’t measure up compared to those offered by other sites out there today… trust me when I say steer clear folks!!

  • Free to join and browse profiles
  • Detailed profile questions that help you find compatible matches
  • A private messaging system for connecting with potential dates
  • In-depth personality tests to further refine your search
  • Daily inspirational quotes and advice to keep you motivated in your search

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from MeetMindful, don’t hold your breath. I recently tried out the online dating site and had a few issues that needed addressing. Unfortunately, their customer service was anything but helpful – it felt like they weren’t even there!

First of all, if you’re expecting an immediate response to any queries or problems then think again – when I contacted them via email about my issue it took days before I got a reply (if at all). And even when they did respond the answer wasn’t particularly useful or informative; more often than not just some generic advice on how to use certain features which didn’t really address my problem in hand.

It’s also worth noting that MeetMindful doesn’t have any kind of FAQ page so if you do run into trouble then good luck trying to find answers yourself as no one else is going to help! Even though this isn’t necessarily down-right terrible customer service per se – considering most other sites offer up pages full of handy tips and tricks – its still pretty poor by comparison.

	All in all, attempting get assistance from MeetMindful can be frustratingly fruitless exercise with little reward at the end…unless waiting around for hours hoping someone will eventually get back only counts as ‘support'. If getting quick solutions is important factor for choosing an online dating site then maybe look elsewhere because these guys are seriously lacking in that department


MeetMindful has been touted as the perfect online dating site for those looking to find their soulmate, but it’s not all sunshine and roses. While they offer a free membership, you’ll need to shell out some cash if you want access to all of its features. Sure, there are benefits like being able to view profiles without paying or send messages – but is it really worth the cost?

The answer depends on your needs. If you’re just looking for casual flirting or something more serious then MeetMindful might be worth checking out; however, if long-term commitment is what you’re after then maybe look elsewhere because this isn’t exactly cheap! The prices range from $59-$99 per month depending on how long of a subscription period that you choose – which can add up quickly over time. And while these fees may seem competitive compared with other sites in the same niche market (i.e., spiritual/mindfulness based), I still think they could do better when it comes down crunching numbers and offering discounts here and there every now and again would help make things easier on us users’ wallets!

At any rate though – don’t let my negative review deter ya too much…just keep in mind that getting an upgraded membership will definitely give ya more bang for your buck so weigh your options carefully before making any decisions about signing up with MeetMindful!

Plan | Price | Features

Basic | $19.99/month | Create a profile, search for matches, send unlimited messages, access mobile app Premium | $29.99/month | All Basic features plus: advanced search filters, message read receipts, unlimited photo uploads VIP | $49.99/month | All Premium features plus: priority customer support, profile boost, VIP badge

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to MeetMindful include eHarmony, OkCupid, and Plenty of Fish. These sites are all designed for people looking for meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • OKCupid
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for those seeking a mindful, meaningful connection.
  • Best for singles looking to build a lasting relationship based on shared values and interests.
  • Best for people who want to meet someone with similar spiritual beliefs or lifestyle choices.


1. How to sign up for MeetMindful?

Signing up for MeetMindful is pretty straightforward – just enter your email address, create a password and fill out some basic info. It’s not the most inspiring way to start off what should be an exciting journey of finding love online! Plus, it feels kind of shallow when you’re signing up for something that claims to focus on deeper connections.

2. How long does it take to have my profile approved on MeetMindful?

It takes way too long to get your profile approved on MeetMindful. It’s really frustrating and makes the whole process take much longer than it should. I’m not a fan of how slow they are at approving profiles!

3. How to find people on MeetMindful?

Searching for people on MeetMindful is a real hassle. The filters are confusing and it’s hard to find the right match. It feels like you’re just randomly scrolling through profiles without any direction or purpose.

4. What are MeetMindful alternatives?

I’m not a fan of MeetMindful – there are much better alternatives out there. eHarmony and OkCupid have been around for years, so you know they’re reliable options. And if you want something more specific to your interests, try Hinge or Bumble!

Lorna Poole

Lorna Poole is an online dating expert and author who has dedicated her career to helping singles find love. With a degree in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, Lorna understands how relationships work on both emotional and practical levels. She began writing reviews for various online dating sites as a way to help people make informed decisions about which platform would be best suited for them. As someone who experienced firsthand the struggles of navigating through different platforms while trying to meet potential partners, she wanted to provide insight into what makes each site unique so that others could avoid making similar mistakes when looking for their perfect match. In addition to providing helpful advice in her blog posts and articles, Lorna also offers one-on-one consultations with those seeking personalized guidance throughout their journey towards finding true love or companionship via digital means. In recent years, Lorna's expertise has been sought out by many major publications such as The New York Times Magazine where she was featured discussing modern day romance trends among millennials - something that had become increasingly popular due largely in part because of advancements made within technology over time . As well as being asked regularly by news outlets around the world like BBC News Radio & CNN International radio show ,to give commentaries on matters related specifically relating but not limited too; Online Dating Safety Tips & Strategies To Succeed On Dating Apps/Sites . Outside of offering advice directly through written content or consultation services ,she’s often seen at events speaking publicly about topics related mostly centered around ; How Technology Has Changed Modern Day Romance Trends & Best Practices For Successful Digital Love Stories . Through all these efforts combined it’s clear why more than ever before individuals are turning towards experts like herself when needing assistance during this age old quest we call “love".

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