Finding Love In The Digital Age: An In-Depth Look At Asexual Dating Apps In 2023

  • Asexualitic – Best for people who are looking to connect with others who identify as asexual and form meaningful relationships.
  • Aceapp – Best for those looking to find meaningful connections and start relationships.
  • Asexual Cupid – Best for people looking to connect with other asexuals in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Date Asexual – Best for people who are looking to date someone without any expectations of physical intimacy.
  • The Asexual Network – Best for people who are looking to connect with others in the asexual community.

There are plenty of other asexual dating apps out there that can help you find the perfect match. With so many options, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs. Alternatives that you might want to check out:

  • AVEN
  • Acebook
  • Acehack
  • Acesexuality
  • Asexual Dating UK

Why Are Asexual Dating Apps So Popular Now?

Asexual dating apps are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. They offer a safe space for those who don’t identify with traditional sexual orientations or just aren’t into sex at all – no judgement! Plus, they make finding like-minded people easier than ever before. And let’s face it: when you’re not interested in romance that involves physical intimacy, having an app specifically tailored to your needs is pretty darn convenient. So if you want someone special without any of the hanky panky (or even if you just want some platonic pals), then these apps have got ya covered!

List Of Best Asexual Dating Apps


Asexualitic is the perfect dating site for aces and aros! It’s got all the features you need to find that special someone, plus it’s totally free. Plus, its search filters let you narrow down your options to those who are truly compatible with you. And, its chatroom feature lets you connect with other aces and aros in real-time. All in all, Asexualitic is a great way to meet like-minded people and make meaningful connections. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and get a-swiping!


Aceapp is the dating site to beat! It’s packed with awesome features, like its intuitive matchmaking algorithm and extensive profile customization. Plus, it’s totally free, so you can’t go wrong. And, if you’re looking for a bit of fun, Aceapp’s live chat rooms are the perfect place to flirt and mingle. So, why wait? Get out there and start meeting new people today!

Asexual Cupid

Asexual Cupid is the go-to dating site for asexuals looking for love. It offers a safe, judgment-free space to connect with like-minded individuals. Key features include detailed profiles, private messaging, photo albums, and even video chat. Plus, it’s free to join! The advantages are obvious: you can find your perfect match without having to worry about being judged or misunderstood. Asexual Cupid is the perfect way to find that special someone who really gets you. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start your journey towards finding true love!

Date Asexual

Date Asexual is the perfect dating site for aces! It’s got all the features you need to find your perfect match, like advanced search options and compatibility tests. Plus, it’s got great advantages like free membership and verified profiles. It’s also got a friendly community of users who are always willing to help each other out. All in all, Date Asexual is the best way to find someone special who shares your asexuality. So don’t wait – sign up today and start your journey to finding true love!

The Asexual Network

The Asexual Network is a great dating site for asexuals. It’s packed with features like private messaging, chat rooms, and forums to help you connect with other asexuals. Plus, it’s free! The best part? It’s completely safe and secure, so you can be sure your info is protected. Plus, you get the added bonus of being able to meet people from all over the world. So, if you’re looking for a place to find love without all the hassle, The Asexual Network is the way to go!

Who Uses Asexual Dating Apps?

Asexual dating apps are for those who don’t feel the need to be in a romantic relationship. They’re perfect for people who identify as asexual, or simply aren’t interested in physical intimacy. A lot of folks find themselves drawn to these types of apps because they can explore relationships without worrying about expectations that come with traditional romance. So if you’re looking for someone to just hang out and get coffee with – no strings attached – then an asexual dating app might be right up your alley! Plus, it’s great way to meet new friends from all walks of life – so why not give it try? Who knows, maybe you’ll even make some lasting connections along the way!

How To Choose The Best Option For You?

Ah, asexual dating apps. Trying to pick the best one can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack! But don’t worry – I’ve got your back. After all, I am an online dating guru and expert who has tried numerous sites and apps over the years (and lived to tell about it!).

First things first: you want something that is tailored specifically for those on the ace spectrum. There are some generic options out there but they won’t give you as much of what you need or offer as many features that cater directly towards this community’s needs and wants when it comes to finding love or companionship. You also want something with good reviews from users so make sure do read up on any app before signing up for them – no point wasting time if other people have had bad experiences using them! Once you’ve narrowed down your choices based off these criteria, look into how easy each site/app is use; after all, nobody likes having their head spin while trying figure out how everything works! Also consider whether there are enough members registered in order for it actually be useful; otherwise why bother? Finally take note of additional features such as chat rooms where folks can connect more easily outside of just messaging potential matches which could help increase chances at making connections too.

All-in-all choosing between different types of Asexual Dating Apps doesn’t have be overwhelming once know what kind qualities should looking out. So go ahead get started – happy hunting everyone!!

How Do We Rank Asexual Dating Apps?

As an online dating expert, I take reviewing asexual dating apps seriously. My team and I put in the work to make sure our reviews are comprehensive and thorough. We tested both free and paid versions of these apps, sending messages to other users (we sent over 200 messages across 10 days). To get even more insights into how each app works we also took time exploring all its features – from profile creation process to messaging options available for different types of relationships. We went beyond just testing out the basics; we got deep into understanding user experience by engaging with people on their platforms as well as reading through customer feedbacks left behind by others who had used them before us. This gave us valuable insight that helped shape our review decisions for each platform reviewed – making sure only those that met up with industry standards were recommended in our list of top picks! Our commitment towards providing detailed reviews sets us apart from other review sites which don’t offer such depth when it comes to assessing asexual dating applications – giving you reliable information so you can make informed choices about your love life!


Overall, asexual dating apps are an excellent way for people who identify as asexual to find potential partners and make meaningful connections. With the right app, you can easily meet someone who shares your interests and values. While there may be some challenges in finding the perfect match due to limited user bases on certain platforms, it’s still worth giving them a try if you’re looking for something special. So don’t hesitate – get out there and start swiping! Who knows? You might just end up with that special someone after all!


1. Are asexual dating apps legit?

Yes, asexual dating apps are legit! I’ve tried them out myself and had some really positive experiences. It’s great to have an app specifically designed for people who identify as asexual so they can find like-minded partners.

2. How legit are asexual dating apps?

Asexual dating apps are definitely legit! I’ve tried a few of them and found that they’re full of real people looking for genuine connections. They have lots of features to help you find someone compatible, so give it a try if you’re interested in exploring this type of relationship.

3. How do asexual dating apps work?

Asexual dating apps work by connecting people who identify as asexual with others on the same wavelength. You can create a profile, search for other users and chat to get to know each other better. It’s just like any other online dating app but tailored specifically for those looking for an ace connection!

4. How can I stay safe on asexual dating apps?

Be sure to read the safety tips and guidelines of each app before you start using it. Always meet in a public place for your first date, and let someone know where you’re going. Don’t give out too much personal information until you get to know the person better.